About us

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a pleasure for us to introduce you our company’s history.

инж. Ганчо Ганчев
Eng. Gancho Ganchev
1930 - 2007
IVCOM COMMERCE has been established in 1992 by engineer Mr. Gancho Ganchev,expert in heating technology. Owing to the incredible experience of Mr. Ganchev, the base and the irreproachable image of IVCOM COMMERCE has been built. Under the guidance and the leadership of Mr. Ganchev, the needed functional structures and functional departments have been created. Gradually, IVCOM COMMERCE has become a reputable member in the heating industry market. At the beginning, the major activity of the company has been marked mainly by repairs of industrial heating systems, industrial high-pressure steam boilers, hot-water boilers as well as vessels and tanks under low and high pressure.

маг. инж. Иван Ганчев
Eng. Ivan Ganchev,M.Sc.
Since 1994, the leadership of IVCOM COMMERCE has been undertaken by engineer Mr. Ivan Ganchev, son of the founder of the company. After this major reform, some of the targets of the company did change. Due to the excellent management, ambitious guidance and strong thirst for success, the company has extended its activities and availabilities. Besides the already established objectives, the company did integrate the following new activities: low and high level buildings, repairs of public, industrial, administrative and other types of buildings;, development of variety of installations, such as gas, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, water and gas-supply electrical and heat-energy systems.
От 2005
година фирмата е сертифицирана и успешно прилага системата за управление на качеството, според стандарта ISO 9001:2000.

At present, the company extend its effort and knowledge to the following areas:
  • Construction
  • Construction’s repairs, planting, fences
  • Metal structure
  • Building’s renovations and their power dev designing, equipment’s delivery, assembling, repairing and regulating of heating systems, gas-supply, gas, ventilation and air-conditioning installations,
  • Electrical and heating installations, ремонт на битови и промишлени котли и горелки за ниско и високо налягане;
  • Delivery and installation of gas equipment and installations;
  • Constructing of home-, city and industrial gas systems
  • Designing, delivery and assembling of co-generation systems;
  • Constructing of boiler and oil rooms;
  • Delivery,assembling and repairing of steam and hot-water boilers, pipelines and vessels under pressure;
  • Constructing of electro-installations
  • Trading with energy equipment
  • Constructing of plumbing and water-supply systems
The two major cities in which our company operates are Sofia and Plovdiv.
The head office is situated in Sofia and the branch office is in Plovdiv.
IVCOM COMMERCE owns a show room, situated in Sofia as well.

There are 35 workers functioning in both cities at all time, including:
  • management and administrative personnel– 5 people;
  • - specialized personnel on repair, assembling, servicing and others– 27 people;
  • sales specialists- 3 people
All of our working members are well educated and experienced.
All of them have graduated either college or university successfully.
Depending on their working needs, some employees have been trained in Germany and Austria.
All welders possess the required worldwide certificates and have their welder’s passports up-to-date.
The number of workers is generally increasing when needed.
Our company have all the necessary resources to offer the quickest response time possible to their customers at any time. Also, we have a large warehouse base that holds all the materials and equipment needed to provide fast response time. At the same time, our company always make sure to offer a high level guarantee service.
Besides that, IVCOM COMMERCE disposes with multiple means of transport to ensure the necessary mobility of our personnel, so that we can offer the very best service to our clients.

Membership in trade organization

IVCOM COMMERCEis proud member of the following well known and honoured organizations:
  • The Confederation of the Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria
    (member of International Chamber of Commerce)
  • National Installation Union(НИС)
  • Energetic Union in Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian Construction Chamber
Trade Network

Since 1995,IVCOM COMMERCE is official representative of multiple world known and well established companies. The business line of these companies varies widely, from heating and air-conditioning to water-conduit technology.

As a partner, our company always hold necessary quantities to offer the best knowledge to the customers for the following trade-marks:
  1. „MARK“ /Holland/ - air-conditioning and ventilation technology for home and industrial usage:
    • infra red gas-heaters
    • gas heating technology
    • gas air-heaters
  2. „ANTEK Green Energy” /Austria/ - heat pump, solar panels and installations, wind electro-generators, photovoltaic
  3. „HERRMANN” /Germany/ - oil and gas burners
  4. „ВFM Europe” /England/ – gas and electrical fireplaces
  5. „LHZ” /Germany/ – energy saving electro-radiators and systems
  6. „Hot line” /Austria/ - водоводни boilers up to 5000 litres.
  7. „ЕКО” – solid boilers with power up to 1500 kW, pellets boilers
  8. „VIEGA“ /Germany/ - Fittings and armatures for :
    • Water-conduit installation
    • gas installation
    • heating installation
    • outgoing and drain linkages
    • WC – linkages, traps, flush box, and many others
    • WC – integrated flushing cistern